Friday, September 11, 2015

New Farm Members....

Meet Lucy and Dory
They are American Guinea hog/Kunekune cross hogs.
Both are a heritage breed and smaller than a standard breed.
They get about 200-300 max. 
Are much friendlier than a lot of other pigs.
Bruce is in the background... 

This would be Bruce.. cute face.. that disappeared.. 
We had him in the pen for about an hour and he found a hole and vanished. 
Since he is only about 7 lbs and he is in a 7 acres field that is over knee high and very thick grass..
We fear the worst..
It stormed last night and we could hear coyotes..  and have seen no sign of him so far.. 
He was a cute little bugger too... 

 So this is the start of sustainable bacon for our farm.. Being the breed they are they are easier on pastures, thrive well on what is out there as well. They will also mix with the goats with out any issues. Except kidding season. But the goats will be in the barn for that anyway.. We look forward to piglets in about a year or so. Dory is out of a spotted purebred Kunekune bred to an American guinea Hog Boar so anxious to see what her babies will look like. Lucy's momma was a Kunekune/American Guinea Hog sow bred to an American Guinea Hog Boar. The piglets are adorable.. Just the cutest little bacon bits..
 So just pray we find Bruce... I am off to do something productive..

Monday, September 7, 2015

Lazy Blogger.....

 That would be me.... I realized it has been...well a long time since I updated.. AND I am posting from the new farm. We have been moved in for over a month now and Animals have been here for over 2 months. The last of the effects of the foot scald are finally healing up and doing Much better. That was some nasty stuff.
  Breeding season is here as well.. We have the does separated right now in with 2 different bucks. One herd is in with a young Spanish buck named Javier that has come to visit for a while. The rest in the herd is in with a young Nubian buck we call Tobias. We should have about 19 does kidding starting in January. I am sure it will be a crazy time.. But worth it..
Little Ms. Della came to us last month. She is Great Pyrenees/Anatolian cross.
We looked out the other day to see her headed out to this herd of does. She walked through them. Looked around and then promptly sat down like this..
She is so cute! And looks like she is aware of her duties even at her age..

The goat girls enjoying snacking on Oak leaves!
They are loving all this room for the most part..
But sometimes you have to go out and inspect it for them.
Because there could be scary things out in that grass and they wont go till one of us goes. 

Della on guard.. 
But she spotted us watching her! lol

 All in all the move went fairly smooth.. We are slowly but surely getting unpacked and settled. The next big thing is a birthday/graduation party for Kyla & Kara.. My babies are growing up.. Seems hard to believe that over 10 years ago we started this homeschooling journey and now its over.. Thankfully this momma has plenty to keep her busy.
 As some of you know they are twins.. But that is really were the similarity ends. However they both are artistic. 
  Kyla is a photographer and does very well. Rocky Hill Photography is her facebook page. I have used her photos a few times on here. She has a very unique view of the world.. She has won ribbons and best of show at local fairs with her photography. Right now she has started piano lessons. One thing my kids are not afraid of is learning something new. It will be interesting to see where she goes in life. She is a kind and caring person with a servant's heart.
 Kara is artistic as well her drawings are very well done and she uses all sorts of different mediums. She hasn't quite settled on one type yet. She doesn't have a website or anything yet.. So here is one of my favorites of hers. She drew it using natural charcoal. She has already sold multiple drawings that people have commissioned as well as placed at the fairs and done well. She is my hunting and fishing expert as well. She loves to be outside. Well all of my kids do but her more so than the rest.  

Candice is thriving as a mom and wife. Her and Cameron make me proud. Life has tried to knock them down the last few month but they are not letting it get them down. I am thankful for them and all they do. What would a post be now with out a picture of the littlest goat herder? The hardest part is picking a favorite. Being so cute and all its hard to pick just one!
 I mean look at him.. He makes you just want to sit and watch him all day long... This is the two of us trying out the swing after his Pawpaw hung it. He approves 100% and so do I. 

 So the next big thing after the graduation party... Is the first Annual RHF Goat Seminar... I took the steps to make it start happening.. and people are seriously interested! It is rolling along now! I am excited and scared all at once. Hoping to make it well worth their money. We will of course take pictures and blog about it. It doesn't happen till October 10th.. but it will be here before we know it! 
So now I think I have brought everything up to date.... Maybe..
 Everyone have a blessed week and take time to relax and enjoy life...
God is good....

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Foot Troubles.....

 So it has rained here... A Bunch.... I have talked about our drainage issues before.. It gets mucky nasty in the goat pen.. No matter how much we try to let it build up, it just turns to muck.. It was knee deep this year.. Coming over the top of my boots when I was trying to get chores done. Of course it effects the goats.. In the form of Foot Scald this time... I had one doe that started it.. and it has now spread to 16 of the 21 does we have.. It is a mess.. It is anywhere from one hoof affected to all 4 and the goat doesn't want to get up..  They don't eat and drink like they should and get stressed.. A stressed goat is dangerous..
 This is what one of my does that is the worst looks like.. This was after taking the wraps off and washing it off with a vinegar spray. The stuff I am packing with is drying it out and just after 1 treatment several does are no longer limping. The worst are getting wraps and packing changed 2 times a day.. It starts between the toes in the back and seems to basically infect the soft part. Its not white like Hoof rot and starts on the outside of the hoof not the inside. Its kind of grayish white and slimy/mushy looking. Very painful and causes heat in the hoof/leg.

So what I have tried so far.. Oxytetracyline(LA200/Biomycin) Worked for a little bit but then came right back. That was giving a shot of it as well as soaking the area in the Oxytet. Did that when it first started.. Then before I knew it.. I had probably 10-12 does out of 17 limping.. Some refusing to get up unless we made them. So I tried antibiotic again.. Nothing at all.
Then I tried an herbal oil some improvement.. But not keeping it dry. As soon as it rains we are back to where we started.

 Talked to a Goat friend.. She suggested Sugar and Iodine paste. Pack it and wrap it. Willing to try it at this point. Thinking I had the stuff.. but.. Not enough iodine to treat the 16 goats that were limping on one foot or the other or all 4 of them. Tried mixing sugar with the herbal oil I had.. Again some improvement in some of them.. In the mean time bank account cleaned out by some one buying clothes, shoes and electronics in the UK.. (When it rains it pours right?)
  So no option to buy anything. I am wracking my brains trying to think of what else to do.. All my books are packed in anticipation of the big move. In the mean time giving Nutridrench, Cayenne and aspirin drench to keep them eating decent as well as electrolytes. I decided to mix D.E.. Cayenne and Rosemary powder pack their hooves and wrap them. The ones that just have a little bit are getting it packed in twice a day but not wrapped. All 3 of those powders are drying and the Cayenne and Rosemary have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as other helps. FINALLY Seeing serious improvement!

I also washed with warm soapy water and spray with Apple Cider Vinegar before packing. It is still taking us about 2-3 hours to do chores and treat everyone but already they are starting to not limp and acting better. The wraps do let moisture through but its more for holding the mix on and not keeping moisture out. Several that we removed tonight were still dry between the toes and not mushy.
 We are ready to move to the new barn that doesn't hold water!
 Here are some pictures of the worst one. Its wet looking because we were washing it out and repacking it.

 Hopefully we are on the mend.....