Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rest In Peace Hope.....


Hope and her daughter,Kate.

Hope and her "supermodel' pose in the wheel barrow.

One of her big belly pics...

One set of her triplets that she gave me over her life time.... 

One of her resting poses when pregnant..

She was the most patient of mothers....

She was one of the top does in the herd.

Very patient mother....

Her mothering instinct were always awesome. 
She raised some beautiful babies.

Her daughter, Kate and her triplets.
 Hope was still pregnant here.

It was her seat of honor..Lol

Hope as a yearling..

Another pregnant picture..
She had triplet does this year...

Labor pic..... She rarely made noise... 
And we only seen her actually give birth 2 times
 out of the 7 times she kidded for us.
She will be missed and I am forever thankful to have had her in my herd....
 She struggled this year with the foot scald that really hurt her immune system. So then came time for the move and we dealt with barber pole as well. She just didn't bounce back like she normally does.. She had kind of had a rough year to begin with. Last December she had Goat polio as well. She fought to the end.. I keep thinking she wasn't going to make it the last week especially but she would gather all the strength she had to get up and didn't go down till the very end. She would have been 10 years old in January..
 She rarely had Parasite issues till she was older and that was just this last year.. She kidded well and only let us see her kid 2 times out of the 7 times she kidded. Never lost a baby or had birthing issues.. I have kept several of her girls over the years.. Some found new homes as adults but I have one of her daughters, a grand daughter and a great granddaughter that will be a large part of our future herds as I plan on keeping any doe out of them.
 Hope started my girls in showing at the local fairs and she never brought home less than Grand Champion. Her daughters did the same. She has always been calm, easy going and quiet.. I was told oh ALL Nubians are noisy.. well.. they aren't.. Her offspring have never been noisy either..
 She was also my first assisted birth.. Her mother had been laboring for 3 or more hours when I was a newbie goat owner.. and I finally got the courage to check things out to find a baby trying to come out back first.. It had been so long I immediately assumed the baby was dead and laid her to the side to deliver the others.. Only for the baby to start moving.. We then cleaned her off and cleared her nose and we had a strong beautiful doeling who we named Hope.
 She was  huge part of my learning about goats.. She is very much missed already.....

Monday, October 12, 2015

Rocky Hill Farm Goat Seminar!

It was a beautiful fall day for the first ever Rocky Hill Farm Goat Seminar.
 We talked goats for over 8 hours! And still didn't get it all in! 22 people for the seminar Saturday and I have 9 signed up for tomorrow. I picked a week day because so many have to work weekends. I am pleased with the first turn out. Even though I said I could accommodate 50 people.. It would have not been as productive and I am thinking no more than 25 at a time in the future. We covered everything from Basic Management to Parasites to Herbal as well as Mineral & Vitamin Deficiencies that affect goats the most.   

Ready to go!
 Lacy claiming the higher ground...

Some of my helpers.. Mercy and Kate.

Things I use and some of the demonstrations...

Cheezit laying down on the job.....

And his idea of Helping.. 

ST to sleepy to deal with it.. no milk yet?... Not moving...

Goats checking out the setup.. 

May is in need of coffee.... 
Look close you can see her tongue where she is licking the bottom of the cup... 

Mercy... Come a little closer.. I just need a sip...

Sunshine.. a little Suspicious..
But she is boss and she is not sure about all the Hoopla... 

Full house... :)

Goats *Ahem* Patiently waiting....

Getting started... 

Laying down on the job... 

Trimming hooves.. I made May bleed... So we got a lesson on effective blood stop
Flour and Cayenne powder works every time!

Riley all wore out... Getting attention is a tough job..

After Lunch Certified Dairy Farm in Missouri with Lesley Million From Terrell Creek Farm.
 Some GREAT info if anyone was considering going in that direction with their goats.
They have awesome cheese!

Ivy listening with me...... Or trying to see if I have anything for her.. 

Della working hard... 

Some more of the help...

Gracie the goat is saying.. Umm someone's rat is loose..
 Animal control?? Please remove it.. NOW(note the raised hair)

Discussing something.. I got to do something I REALLY like.. Talk goats.. 
 Someone mentioned they were concerned about May's stress level here..
Yep.. it is just really out of control.. 

Mercy worked hard today... 

The distractions going on behind me while I was talking.. 
But such a cute one.. and he loves his goats.. and dogs.. cats.. chickens..
We have a farmer in the making folks! 
3rd generation started already..

Talkin' worms.... 

Sortin' poo... 
I know to much fun for some people!

Questions.. Always a good thing to ask..
Only dumb question is the one not asked...

 So what do we see.... 

Riley.. gave it up... She had been passed around all day and Loved it.

Jackson and I ending the day discussing the good and bad.
I have had a lot of good feedback.. 
Plans in the works for future seminars.  
 We had some great giveaways I think..
  Back Forty Soap Co sent 3 bars of soap and 2 bottles of lotion to give away.. It was so great that after it sitting in my office for a couple of days I turned around and ordered some. Great soap and lotion! I bought coconut goat's milk lotion.. Smells like summer to me! and absorbs well! 
 Valley Vet also sent things to give away. A couple of boot bags that had our farm name and seminar date on it, as well as goat T-shirts and a stack of catalogs to hand out. 
Granny's Best Donated a couple bags of her herbal wormer and lotion as well to give away! You can find her products on
I made some of my salve and cayenne tincture as well for part of the giveaways. Then I also had a couple of 3lb bags of Wicks Hi-Copper Goat mineral to give away. Amazing stuff and not salt based. It also has chelated minerals that are better absorbed by the body. My goats eat it up! The results I have seen with this mineral are very much worth the price. A little goes a long way.
 I am overall pleased with the way the seminar went.. There are a few things that I forgot to mention.. Didn't get to talk about record keeping.. I had 45 pages of info in the packet.. Info I have collected over the years. List of links and pictures of all kinds of things. It was definitely a learning experience.
 My family was pretty amazing about helping out.. I would have been in Way over my head if not for them. Set up was mostly Me, Kyla and Kara. Kyla took all the pictures for me. My mom came out and helped chop food for the soups. A sweet  friend made bread for me. My Son-in-law Cameron built the tables I needed. Kyle was my encourager, taking care of odds and ends for me as well as just being my steady support. Candice served lunch and cleaned up. Helped her sisters and I in the barn some as well. Made sure we had coffee, tea and snacks available. My Mother-in-law helped keep Jackson occupied while his momma was busy as well. Jackson helped too..  The animals all behaved for the most part.. The goats gave their iffy stamp of approval.
  My girls were amazing about answering questions when I was busy with other people. I overheard them talking a few times and I am sometimes just in awe of the information they have absorbed over the years by being with me handling the animals and just going along with our everyday life. Things I don't remember directly teaching them but just proves they learn by watching as well as by books and formal learning. The best aspect of homeschooling to me. 
 I am also thankful for all the support from friends that made me think about doing this.. I have been asked several times over the last few years but never had the room.. We are thankful for the new place where it is very much a reality now! Looking forward to the seminar tomorrow.. not as big of a crowd but more goat talk. :)
 Looking forward to future happenings.. 


Friday, September 11, 2015

New Farm Members....

Meet Lucy and Dory
They are American Guinea hog/Kunekune cross hogs.
Both are a heritage breed and smaller than a standard breed.
They get about 200-300 max. 
Are much friendlier than a lot of other pigs.
Bruce is in the background... 

This would be Bruce.. cute face.. that disappeared.. 
We had him in the pen for about an hour and he found a hole and vanished. 
Since he is only about 7 lbs and he is in a 7 acres field that is over knee high and very thick grass..
We fear the worst..
It stormed last night and we could hear coyotes..  and have seen no sign of him so far.. 
He was a cute little bugger too... 

 So this is the start of sustainable bacon for our farm.. Being the breed they are they are easier on pastures, thrive well on what is out there as well. They will also mix with the goats with out any issues. Except kidding season. But the goats will be in the barn for that anyway.. We look forward to piglets in about a year or so. Dory is out of a spotted purebred Kunekune bred to an American guinea Hog Boar so anxious to see what her babies will look like. Lucy's momma was a Kunekune/American Guinea Hog sow bred to an American Guinea Hog Boar. The piglets are adorable.. Just the cutest little bacon bits..
 So just pray we find Bruce... I am off to do something productive..